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A Curriculum Brought To Life By Dedicated And Caring Faculty

Our Westcliff Prep faculty is a group of accomplished, talented, and dedicated academics who strive to support students in achieving their highest personal and academic goals through fostering talents and passions. Most of our faculty hold doctorates or a master’s degree. We carefully select individuals who are highly accomplished in both their field and higher education to effectively prepare students for success in all areas.

Our innovative program encourages Westcliff faculty to select, expand upon, and modify their curricula, providing a sense of ownership and creativity in their teaching. Students who attend Westcliff Prep will be inspired through engaging classroom exchanges with professors who are passionate about the concepts they teach and select topics that characterize and transform our global society.

Across our academic programs, we foster global awareness, cultural competence, and student leadership to prepare students for the ever-evolving social and technological shift in our society.

Westcliff Prep faculty understand engagement is essential to learning and carefully design lesson plans that personalize learning as we believe an engaged student is attentive, inquisitive, and optimistic. To further encourage motivated learners, our esteemed faculty teach students through tactile, creative, cerebral, and abstract learning ensuring a variety of teaching methods are utilized.


Anthony Lee, Ed.D., M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer, President
Julie Ciancio, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer, Vice-President of Academic Affairs
Mary Broding, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, Humanities Department Chair
Shawn Harris
Assistant Principal, Athletics

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