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Westcliff At A Glance

Westcliff Prep students must take an equivalent of 20 full-year courses (200 units) meeting the specifications below. As part of these requirements, students must enroll in one Core class each year to receive a diploma.

  • English, 4 years (40 units)
  • Math, 3 years (30 units)
  • Science, 3 years (30 units)
  • Labs, 2 years
  • Social Science, 3 years (30 units)
  • Foreign Language, 2 years (20 units)
  • Fine Arts, 1 year (10 units)
  • Additional Coursework, 4 years (40 units)

Note: Students who graduate Westcliff Prep with a 2.5 GPA or higher will be guaranteed admission to Westcliff University.

A four-year interdisciplinary Core Sequence equips students with skills in careful reading, thoughtful evaluation of data, critical thinking, and oral and written argumentation.

  • Close and Critical Reading (10 units)
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Problem Solving and Communication (10 units)
  • Contemporary Issues for a Diverse Society (10 units)
  • Senior Academic Literacy – Rhetorical and Analytical Reading, Writing, and Thinking – (10 units)

Our innovative and well-rounded high school curriculum includes:

  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Legal Policy Solutions and Facing Global Challenges Center
  • Launching Design Thinking and Ideation Through STEAM

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